Are these songs free?

Yes and no. They are free to download and listen to all you want! Enjoy them! However, if you’re looking to use them in your productions, we can work out a fair price!

Are stems available?

Depends. It would, of course, add to the cost of things, but this is doable sometimes. The session still needs to exist in it’s DAW somewhere… so if we can dig it out, we’ll make you some stems!

How long have you been in operation?

What’s with the questions? We’ve been an actual “business” since 2009, but have been doing this since way before then.

Where are you based?

Our contributors come from all over, but we’re based out of New York.

Is a hamster the world’s smallest mammal?

Heck no! It’s the bumblebee bat. Also known as Kitti’s hog-nosed bat, it is the world’s smallest bat and the smallest mammal in the world based on skull size.

Thanks! That about covers it.

No problem, guy having a conversation with himself.